About Me

"Become who you are." Nietzsche

I focus on personalised, predictive, preventative and participatory nutrition so that you can reach your:

"Optimum self"


I incorporate the most up-to-date scientific research using the Functional Medicine model, helping clients overcome a wide range of health problems to achieve long-term wellbeing.

I am a UK trained Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist.

My passion for natural health is undeniable and within my clinical practice I am committed to assisting my clients to improve their health and overall wellbeing through simple, sustainable choices.


Diploma in Nutrition and Naturopathy at CNM, London

EPSCI groupe Essec (now called ESSEC Global BBA), Cergy, France

Exchange Program with San Jose State University, California, USA

Professional Body Membership:

I am a Full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

I am also a member of the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council


"My Passion for natural health was not obvious from a young age.

It took me a life journey to hear the call and find my vocation. Each step of the way brought me closer, every insight was a small revelation opening the door to a new universe that resonated with my soul.

I was born and raised in France from a French Father and a Portuguese mother. I grew up with two cultures and always lived with my heart between several places. Traveling was a normal thing to me. So when the time came to choose my studies, instead of following my definite inclination for human sciences, and more specifically at the time psychology I went for what felt the most familiar to me and picked international business.


It led me thru a wealth of experiences throughout the world. From studying in California, to working in Florida (realizing a childhood dream doing so), travelling across the Americas from north to south, living in Paris, living in London, I was blessed with a wonderful career in the perfume & Cosmetic Industry, and a very enviable lifestyle.

But I woke up one day and felt tired and unsatisfied with my life. It no longer resonated with me and I felt I was betraying myself. It took me years to understand what it was that I was truly meant to be doing. I had to take a leap of faith and quit my comfortable job to reach to the conclusion that I wanted to become a Naturopath.

So, I took on a new challenge in my life and went back to school. The journey was extremely rewarding as I am now doing what I love to do, and I’ll never have to work another day of my life.


I am passionate and I Believe I can make a difference in people’s lives

I Believe I can inspire people to take responsibility for their life and wellbeing.

I believe I can help one’s finding their optimum health."

Audrey Lemargue