A typical appointment

An initial appointment will last 1hr to 1.5hrs.


The first 45 minutes to 1 hour is a discussion about you, your diet and any medication or supplements you are currently taking.


Once this is complete, the discussion will continue to your plan, mapping out what would be appropriate changes taking into account your lifestyle.

All follow up consultations will last 30 to 45 minutes where your progress will be discussed and assessed, i.e. how well you feel and if you have any new symptoms from which changes can be made to your plan, if needed.

Preparing for your appointment:

Bring with you any medication or supplements you are currently taking (please write down the name(s) and dosage or bring the box(es) with you).

You will be e-mailed confirmation of appointment and a ‘food diary’ which should be completed for 3 consecutive days prior to your consultation. This is quite important as it allows more time to concentrate on your presenting symptoms.

Note: please be truthful as this will help support the consultation and outcomes you’re looking for.